About Us


Samper Engineering Pvt. Ltd.( SEPL) operates as a major industrial & hydraulic hose and fitting supplier from Mumbai India .

SEPL is aimed at servicing a wide range of markets with special interests in the oil and gas, mining and construction markets. Our manufacturing facilities and Warehouse are fully equipped to provide all types of requirements and have built many long-standing associations with large international companies around the world to bring the latest technologies to offer the best and the latest.

SEPL is dedicated to providing products that combine quality at fair prices with an unmatched high level of customer service. We wish to establish partnerships with key suppliers, customers and staff that respect the interests of each party.

Constantly striving to supply what the customer asks for, we will look t have good levels of local stock, and continually review what is available in the market and what can be improved.

Adhering to these basics will ensure we react to a market driven by customer demand. Success will be ultimately be measured by customers choosing us, because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations for service, price and selection.

The core prime values of the company are Care, Respect, Loyalty, Fairness and Honesty.


Samper Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is very much a specialist but has many associated products that can be offered to clients. SEPL holds over 10,000 line items anytime and also has the ability to source specialist product from its many associate manufacturers located in India.

Whilst hose Fittings are our primary product, SEPL is much more than hose, and recognizes the need to provide a whole range of other products to its clients including pipe work, valves, sheet rubber, fuel equipment, Composite Hose Assemblies ,Expansion Joints in Metal and Rubber, Ultra High water blast assemblies and Solar Products. Many companies have used SEPL as a general supply house that requires a company with the necessary skills and reliable team to take away their supply worries.

SEPL operate on following principles.


At SEPL it's all about the client and its needs, and it's our job to provide the information to ensure maximum performance of its products.


ISO 9000 Certified

We endeavor for complete customer satisfaction. Hence, we ensure continual improvement of our manufacturing processes and product's quality. We also aim to furnish consistent quality in our product range and services imparted to our clients. For this, we adhere to stringent quality control norms in our production. We test our range of products for following specifications:

  • Size & dimension
  • Chemical & physical attributes
  • Hardness value
  • Raw material composition ratio

For this, we employ several tests on each product at our own in-house quality control lab. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we also facilitate third party inspection and specific testing as per the client's desire. We apply following tests to ensure superior quality in our range:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Pressure Test
  • Viberation Test Bench
  • Hardness Test
  • Chemical Test
  • 100% Raw Material comes with Material Test Certificates certificates.
  • Products are tested on the machine with a vernier callipers. for the Dimensional accuracy
  • 100% Inspection with plug / ring gauge as required.
  • Cleaned & Air dried to remove any moisture before final Packing