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Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

These hose fittings are offered to create hydraulic hose assemblies with British standard pipe (BSP) or metric end connections. The fittings are a two piece design, with separate hose collars and stems. The stems are common for all hose types, and the collars used are specific by hose type (except in the case of multi-spiral inserts).

The following types of hose can be used with these fittings (with the appropriate collars):

The hose fittings listed in this section are stocked in plated steel only. Fittings in stainless are available on request. For stainless steel, add-SS to the part numbers in this section

Connections to Metric Tubing and Tube Fittings :

The hose fittings for connection to metric tubing or DIN 2353 tube fittings are listed by the fittings thread size. The following chart lists the thread sizes corresponding to metric tube size.

Tube Size Series Thread Size Tube Size Series Thread Size
4mm 4-LL 8x1 14mm 14-S 22x1.5
5mm 5-LL 10x1 15mm 15-L 22x1.5
6mm 6-LL 10x1 16mm 16-S 24x1.5
6mm 6-L 12x1.5 18mm 18-L 26x1.5
6mm 6-S 14x1.5 20mm 20-S 27x2
8mm 8-LL 12x1 22mm 22-L 30x2
8mm 8-L 14x1.5 25mm 25-S 36x2
8mm 8-S 16x1.5 28mm 28-L 36x2
10mm 10-L 16x1.5 30mm 30-S 42x2
10mm 10-S 18x1.5 35mm 35-L 45x2
12mm 12-L 18x1.5 38mm 38-S 52x2
12mm 12-S 20x1.5 42mm 42-L 52x2

Connections Using British Standard Pipe (BSP) Threads

British Standard Pipe is most commonly used as British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP), sealed with a 60o cone seat (solid male British) standard pipe is most commonly used in ports, using a rubber or copper washer seal. BSP flat face is BSPP thread with a flat surface at the nose of the thread for sealing. This is most commonly used on HIAB equipment. BSP male threads may also be tapered ( BSPT), and can be used in either BSPP female or BSPT female ports with a suitable thread sealant. BSPT is commonly used on Japanese equipment and is part of the JIS standard. BSP thread size are listed in the following tables :

Dash Size Nominal Thread Thread O.D
-02 1/8-28 0.383
-04 1/4-19 0.518
-06 3/8-19 0.656
-08 1/2-14 0.825
-10 5/8-14 0.930
Dash Size Nominal Thread Thread O.D
-02 3/4-14 1.041
-16 1-11 1.309
-20 1 1/4-11 1.650
-24 1 1/2-11 1.882
-32 2-11 2.347

Standard Hose Fittings, Hose and Hose Assemblies

We Carry the gates line of hose couplings and can provide loose couplings , hose or complete assemblies as required. Hoses range from general purpose to hydraulic, in size from 3/16" to 2" and pressures up to 10,000 psi. for more information, please see gates catalogue.

Custom Hose Stems

Hose stems may be manufactured by Williams Fluidair for most requirements. We have CNC controlled equipment, can manufacture fittings to your drawings and provide design and manufacture services.